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Oh Vanity Sweet Vanity

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I used to be the cute little girl, the dorky preteen, the pretty girl next door teen and the wild child twenty something.  My thirties, I faired well.  Now in my early forties and fighting the premeno dance while trying to survive life and my body and looks have taken a beaten!!

I look in the mirror and sometimes I want to cry, sometimes I shake my head and once in a while I giggle and grin!

Anyway, I had promised a friend of mine at work that I would do a test of a product called ANEW Clinical Lift and Firm Serum sold by Avon.  I have spent my share of money on magic creams and formulas.   For the most part – they don’t work.  Anyway, I bought this product on sale, so it was not all that expensive.  It was part of a special that included a bag and it was the bag that I was after. LOL!  So me being my snarky self wondered out loud what would happen if we did a home test of this product.

So here we go……ANEW Clinical Lift & Firm Home Test.  Unscientific, not done in a lab and used under the duress of a real life under crazy stress.  LOL!

The product’s instructions say to apply to the face and neck in the evening.  This needs to be done over a clean face.

So bravely, I have taken a couple of pictures for our before – no makeup, no editing and tired as all get out…….

No laughing, okies maybe some laughing, but don’t let me know about it.  O.o

I doubt that we will see changes happen within a day, so we will do a check back each week to see if there are any changes.  Mind you lifestyle changes can have an effect on a person’s looks as well.  So lets keep in mind that I am constantly making small modifications to my lifestyle and those changes can have a slight affect as well.

Check back in next Saturday night!!! 😀

Oh and just in case Uncle Sam is peering in – I was not asked to do this, I was not given this product and everything I write is 100% my opinion of the product!


Written by neomav

April 16, 2011 at 8:30 pm

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