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The Wonder, The Wait & The Update

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Yesterday was a rough water day.  I gave myself a wee bit of a headache due to the lack of water consumed.  I did one walk, instead of two.  I guess this shows signs of the weekends as being the most difficult as well as most compressed.

Today I will be better, but in a different way.  I received a letter from my college telling me that one of my classes was cancelled.  I appreciate the letter, but this college emails me everything else.  Why couldn’t they have let me know this sooner.  Thank goodness it used the books from the previous class.  I am bummed though.  That means this upcoming week I have to take an hour long trek to get enrolled in a replacement class.  Boo!  Sighz!

I did the meal planning for next week.  We took care of the grocery shopping so that is done.  I signed up for a cozi calendar account at  This is because I can access it on my droid and family members can log in it and add their own information.  Now I just need to get the rest of the family to buy into the idea.  It even syncs with my Outlook, which is awesome.  Even if they do not buy into it, it will work for me.  It also has flylady working with it.  That makes it perfect for me.

So this upcoming week the goal is to get up early, exercise, enjoy some sort of breakfast and virtual updating, reviewing my day and rawring through the day.  I will keep the lunch walks going.  Anything is better then something and we all know momentum creates more momentum.

I have also started reading a new book named The Isaiah Effect.  It is pretty interesting so far, but I am only on the fourth chapter.  It is giving me some questions that I do need to look into.  Questions are good when one does something with them.  If they sit, well they grow old, musty and just sit there festering.  Festering questions create stress, anxiety and aggravation.  Sooo, I will be finding the answers to my questions.  But first, I need to finish reading the book.



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January 9, 2011 at 2:36 pm

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