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Day 7 ~ Revitalizing

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I woke up late today. Not one pain or soreness sitting in body. The only plaque is the blister that has attached itself to the back of my heal. I need to get a different pair of walking or running shoes that have a lower back to them. Each day that blister turns into a blood fest, although each time its a little less blood. We will see! Reminds me of track and my army time with running. You just have to work through it.

Today the girls walked with me and the puppy (okay she isn’t really a puppy, but she is to me). Kat decided that she did not want to run and will do that later. Now I have to decide if I want to be the evil Momma or the nice Momma. Choices, Choices!!

Today’s playlist:


Written by neomav

November 26, 2011 at 10:52 am

Day 5 ~ Chillie de Miester

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It is very chilly outside. The frost is out on the ground, covering the cars and dancing on some of the house windows in the neighborhood. I dare say that it is almost as cold as it was last night. My hands feel the sting, my cheeks are rosy and my face is giving me the tingly.

However, I am not sore. I started the walk and I could certainly feel it. That first fifteen seconds my legs scream out “Noooooo! Not again!” But I continue on. I push through it and tune into the music or watch my Pom as she prance walks. Her tail is happily raised as she dance walks by my side.

I am starting to feel better. There is more energy to last me through the day. When I am tired, I am tired. I can’t fake another half hour out of me like I could before. I also have started having this huge appetite. It has been a while since I felt hunger like that. When I want to eat, I want to eat!! No pretending it away.

This mornings workout play list:

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November 24, 2011 at 7:19 am

Day 4 ~ Powa Walk

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Here we are on day four!  Yes!  I did something besides go to work or school for four days in a row.  That has to be a record.  I just has to!!!

I took a jump on the scale…out of curiosity.  When I started the power walks I weighed in at 145 pounds with a little points extra.  Today it is at 143.  Not a lot of weight, but honestly, I was not expecting anything at all.  Interesting and encouraging!!!

Tonight’s power walk was very cold!! However, we endured with the following play list:


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November 23, 2011 at 10:32 pm

Day 3 ~ Get Up & Move It Move It

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I went to bed early last night. Let’s rephrase that! Early for me. It was about 10:30 pm. My school schedule has me up until about midnight on average. The thing is, I was tired. I was nodding off in front of the laptop trying to read and my body was winning that battle. I called it quits and went to bed.

This morning, I did not want to get up. Yesterday my hips and the sides of my legs were sore. Today it is still sore, but now I feel it in my shins and calves. (No, its not shin splints). I managed to get myself going, dressed and grabbed my puppy for a round of power walking. This time we added the loops of two side streets that just circle around like overgrown driveways.

The workout playlist for today is:

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November 22, 2011 at 8:12 am

Day 2 – Get Up & Move

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This morning it took me a little bit to want to get up and move.  The last teen out the door, I whipped on my work out clothing, grabbed my Pomeranian and off we went to the morning walk.  My body is stiff along the hips and the side of my legs.  Power walking really can be exhausting.  It is not your leisurely everyday walk outside.

This mornings workout music:


Written by neomav

November 21, 2011 at 8:12 am

The Morning Workout and a Year Challenge

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I have been reading a book called Brain Rules, which I believe I mentioned in my previous blog.  I am only through the first chapter, however, I am not waiting to obtain benefits from activity and its affects on my brain and cognition.  The fitness aspects and disease prevention are areas that I have awareness.  Once upon a time I used to be a personal trainer.  The news that is causing me to move is the fact that activity has an affect on our brains and cognitive power.  It is possible to improve our memory skills by being active.  The book stated that it can decrease your likelihood to getting Alzheimer by as much as 60%.  Coming from a family that has suffered this awful disease, I am all in!

So here is Day 1 of a new year challenge.  I want to have at least 30 minutes a day of aerobic based activity.

This morning’s workout was a fast paced power walk with my little Pomeranian and my daughter.  My youngest decided she would run a lap with the dog and catch me on a back loop.  It extends her workout, lets the dog stretch her legs for a bit of time and all three of us get some exercise.  We also improve our brain power ability.

This mornings workout songs are below:

Written by neomav

November 20, 2011 at 8:48 am

The Fitness Challenge

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I meant to write about this yesterday.  Before Christmas, I had bought a game called The Fitness Challenge for my mom and sister to do with me.  It is created as a two person game, but we changed it up a bit so the three of is could play it together.  It is an actual board game that lasts for eight weeks.

I know, that is a long time.  It is basically two months of fun coming at us.  The board is designed to hang up and comes with parts and pieces so that a person can choose where they want to hang it up.  We chose my mom’s refrigerator.  The game comes with wager cards.  On each of these cards are things that other people can do for you or that you want.  They even have some that kids would like, such as driving a parents car.  O.o Ekkkksss!

We chose our wager cards.  My sister made a few up of her own (yes that is allowed).  We picked our start date as Monday 1/17/2011, so our end date is right before my birthday.  The goal of the game is to get in the habit of exercising three times a week for a period of time appropriate to your fitness level.  We are all beginners so that is 20 to 30 minutes.  If it is running, then 20 minutes, walking would be 30 minutes.  The lighter activities have a longer duration.  The first workout for the week earns you one point.  The second workout for the week earns you one point.  The third workout is the jackpot with three points and any extra workouts are one point each.

At the end of each week we total the points.  This is to encourage each other, give the atta boys and do a little enticement through some family competition.  O.o  Could be trouble, but if it gets us moving, I will accept it.  At the end of the eight weeks, if you have 40 points, you win!  Now if everyone has 40 points, that is awesomeness, but the person with the most points has to win by an eight point spread to get those wagers fulfilled.  So, this means I need a minimum of 48 points if everyone else has 40 points to get the goodies on my card, unless they didn’t meet their 40 points.  To hit 40 points, you just need the three workouts each week.

Now the huge challenge for me is that I am working full time, but school starts on Thursday for me and is also full time.  Finding time to get the work out in is going to be the tricky part.  Mom is retired, but does lots of volunteer work for church and has a very full active social life with her friends, plus picks up the girls after they get out of their after school events while I am in school.  My sister has two part time jobs she juggles, fills in for the days my mom can’t get the girls for me and is an artist.  All in all, we are very active people that have ignored ourselves in the process.

I will have to keep you updated on the progress as we go.  It should prove to be interesting.

Written by neomav

January 17, 2011 at 9:16 am

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