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Flu Knock Down

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This week I encountered a serious battle with the flu.  Not sure where the bug came from, but it did find me and grab hold.

Tuesday night at school I was really feeling out of sorts.  I passed it off on low blood sugar, which I do deal with from time to time.  Wednesday at work, I was feeling it.    My body ached, it screamed uncomfortable and yet it was bearable.

Come in Thursday morning and it felt like I had just finished an in person battle with some deep dark nemesis that I could not see.  Today, I am a little better, but extremely aware of every joint in my body.

So……I had a choice.  Go to work and attempt to tough it out or stay home and rest it out.  I actually had to think about this, but not too deeply.  I find when I am sick, holding onto an idea for any length of time is difficult.

If I went to work everyone would have to suffer a cranky attitude that would increase as the day went on, but I would be able to get everything I had planned to do done.  I just want to get things done, off my plate and resolved.  Now its sitting there calling to me, a faint sound that periodically wakes me up from resting.

If I stay home, I get the rest my body needs, but stress about things that need to be done.

I chose to stay home for one reason…not to rest, not to recuperate, but because I was in the bathroom more then I was anywhere else.  Because standing up sent my head into a throbbing fit and outside of the covers put a chill inside of me that caused my body to shake in fits.  I stayed home because my body protested angrily.  This time, my body successfully vetoed my mind.

The recommendations in the meantime….

  • Get plenty of sleep.  Sleep is where our bodies actually do the bulk of the repair of itself.  Find yourself sleepy…your body is telling you a very serious message.
  • Drink plenty of clear fluids.  Dark soda’s are not going to work here and sugar drinks can create issues.  Water is great, however you will need more then that.  Try some tea or ginger ale.  Sip slowly and avoid cold or overly hot drinks.
  • Use the BRAT diet.  Banana, rice, applesauce and toast.  Start simple and don’t try to push large portions.  A bite here and there work best.
  • Brush your teeth.  Silly I know, but when people don’t feel well, they don’t do this.  Your mouth is home to over 600 different types of bacteria.  Vomiting will bring bacteria from the internal portions of your body (stomach for example) up into your mouth, where they can potentially take up residence.  Ewwwww.  Brush those teeth and rest well.
  • Worry about work, school, housework and other things after a couple of days of rest.  Trust me, you will be more productive after the rest, then avoiding the rest.

Well, its time for me to lay down and rest more.  My body is crying, the bathroom is calling and my stomach is protesting.  Until the next time…  ❤


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March 4, 2011 at 1:35 pm

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The Grand Disappearance

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I disappeared for a little bit – about two weeks.  I have been fighting a fever that just was hanging around for some reason.  All I wanted to do was sleep, but unfortunately my life does not permit sick.  I still went to work, school and of course being a mom is a job that there are simply no days off permitted.

I didn’t have any of me left.  I was uninspired, tired and overwhelmed.  Adding to that was the additional hours at work because of my co-workers unfortunate accident while sledding with her children.  She basically broke her back, but some aspects of her job needed to be temporarily reassigned until her return.  Let me tell you…..I work quite a bit as of late.

School is in full swing.  In fact, yesterday I had one exam that I think I performed at a C level, which is distressing.  I went blank when I started taking the test for some odd reason.  Not sure why.  Tomorrow I have another test.  I still have yet to study and here I am still sitting at work trying to knock out tasks that have been sitting on my desk for a long time.  I am trying to get rid of the overwhelming and that I will do between today and Friday.  It is not a matter of getting overtime, funds or the tasks themselves.  It is about loosing some stress and getting a good handle on things.

I have pushed to get some things automated.  Friday I get to do some testing of one of the job functions I have that a utility has been written to perform.  Anything manual that I can have automated, I am targeting.  This is a first step to freeing up time, creating a higher level of accuracy and more efficiency.  Not just for me, but for the company I work with and for my co-workers as well.  Everything we do has a ripple affect on other people.

At any rate, I will be posting more.  I am feeling better.  I am determined and refuse to give up on my goals or myself.  Sometimes, its just getting to a starting point.  Other times its just removing distractions.  However it must be done, the thing I am learning is that it is different for everyone.  Some of us just do not work from a manual.  We are the renegades and so as I figure it out….there will be one more renegade plan ready for everyone.  LOL!

Until next time!

Written by neomav

February 16, 2011 at 7:46 pm

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