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The Fifth Day ~ Week One

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Thursday was another long day.  Work, then two classes and really no time to eat in between.  I really was rather distracted most of the day.  Little focus and little breathing.

I drank a wee bit of water.  Intended on bringing tea with me to work and left it on the table instead.  :/  Needless to say, I did not drink the tea.

I did go exercise at the club.  The owner was telling me that it is dead Thursday morning because everyone goes to the Zumba class at night.  This is good for me.  😀 I am not into the crowds.  I like the direct attention and being able to work it without the crowd complex going on around me.

So, what we have learned this week so far is that I am resistant to tea, slowly increasing the water intake, forget to breathe on a regular basis, but by golly we have the exercise thing down!  LOL!  And the plant…its still alive, although, it does need me to water it today.


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April 8, 2011 at 6:31 pm

The Fourth Day ~ Week One

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Wednesday, I was exhausted!  Our Photojournalism Professor kept us late in class to go over a test and to do photo critiques of our action photographs we had to take recently.  It was fun, but it was long.  Okay – let’s restate that.  The critique of the photographs was fun.  The review on the test was not so much. He put a trick question on the test and the test only had three questions.  He used the test to determine if we were doing the assigned reading and the test proved that 95% of the class was not doing the assigned reading.  L

Needless to say, that meant getting home after 11 p.m. and trying to wind down, do a few things and go to bed.  By time I went to sleep it was closing on the midnight hour.  I did not get up to go to the club for my workout.  The alarm in my phone yelled.  I hit the button and it immediately fell quiet.  Back to sleep I went.

I did manage to get the water in!  Yay!  Again, no tea though.  Not sure what the tea block is with me. I used to drink it all the time two years ago.  O.o

Breathing was not even a concept in my mind.  No breathing and we have migrated past the half way mark.  Still, the effort and progress this week was much better than the first try.  I can’t be to terribly upset about it.

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April 8, 2011 at 6:22 pm

The Third Day ~ Week One

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Tuesday was day three!  I can’t believe it.  Almost half way through the week and I feel like I am doing okay, but still puddling around.  Maybe I am too hard on myself.

The water is still an issue, but I do find myself drinking more of it.  Maybe as we work towards a healthier lifestyle the small changes encourage a natural change as well.  This could be the best way for me to manage the changes I desire in my life.

Still no tea drinking, just lots of coffee.  Okay, let me clarify that.  Lots of coffee to me means taking eight hours to drink one cup of coffee.  Just wanted to be sure to be clear on that one before someone sent me a message telling me to lay off the coffee a bit.  LOL!

I did the gym thing at Curves.  Still very much intimidated by the ladies there.  They are chatty and I have figured out the timing to minimize my shy factor.  If I arrive 30 minutes after the club opens, many of those ladies are getting ready to leave and are just finishing up.  I get to start, say hello, practice social skills and get used to them without having to fight the ” freak out” tendency in me during the entire work out.  As I get used to them, that feeling will subside and it will not be a big deal.  Right now, however, it is.

Breathing still isn’t happening.  I really need to give it a try.  However, right before bed is a bad time.  Instead of breathing, I fall asleep.  I am sure I am breathing then, but it is different when you place a conscious effort on the breathing.  It is in a sense training of the lungs, body and brain at the same time.  My mind has a tendency to wander about during very still periods.  Still and I do not work well together.  If you were allowed a visit inside my mind you would probably find things all over and not in any sensible order at this moment in time.  It would have a hazard zone and entry would be denied due to safety issues.  LOL!

The plant, I am happy to report, is still alive.  Yay!!  I am thinking about getting another one sometime in the future.  Looking at it does give me a bubbly happy feeling.  Strange since its just a plant.  But it does.  I want to wait and see how responsible I can be with this one first.  I do not want to go down on the record as the plant killer for the century.

I have developed what seems like a little cold this day.  I wonder – is this a body clean out reaction? If it is, maybe doing it slow is best.  I would hate to see the full born result at one time.  I would be dead out.  O.o

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April 7, 2011 at 4:26 pm

The Second Day ~ Week One

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Monday went somewhat well.  I was stressing over an exam for my Accounting class.  I get terrible test anxiety.  O.o

I did not drink much water, but I was very thirsty when I had gotten home and downed a few glasses.  It was actually refreshing and not to bad.  Did not drink any tea whatsoever.  Apparently the tea thing is not my thing.

I tried the breathing exercise and found my brain jumping all over.  Settling down and just breathing is very foreign to me.  (Watches as I bounce my knee when typing…lol)  This is something I am going to have to practice.  I did give it a good try though.  Interestingly enough, I used to be able to sit and do these types of exercises for hours in my younger years.

I did make it to Curves in the morning.  They taught me what each of the stations do and how to work the machines.  I would say there are fifteen machines and a small calisthenic platform in between each that one does either jogging in place or some type of movement geared to keep the heart rate up.  After doing two rounds, we hit the stretching station in the back.  It looks like a cross between a jungle gym and a weight machine.   I was skeptical at first, but it does really help to maximize the stretch and keep the balance without injury.  This means I really will need to supplement with some good balance exercises at some point.

Going to the club was rather intimidating to me.  I know it sounds silly.  The ladies there were all pretty much between 50 to 65 years old.  There was one that was my age and she was a few sizes larger.  Yes, I was intimidated.  I guess this goes to show, it doesn’t matter what the differences are, if you perceive that you are different than the group you are facing, you still feel out numbered and out of place.

I was polite and cordial, but I felt like jumping out of my skin if they asked me anything.  LOL!  I just work out quietly, listen, watch and observe.  Group dynamics are rather interesting.  All of the machines face the center of the room with the exception of one, so I am faced with having to relate at least visually with these ladies.  I do not think it is a bad thing and as the owner stated, by the time the month goes by, I will have gotten to know quite a few of the ladies from the local area.  Never a bad thing.

The irony is that I live next door to the owner’s daughter.  Can someone sing me a verse of “Its A Small World” now?

The plant is still alive.  So we are actually almost at the half way point.  I learned that I weigh 143 pounds on their scale.  They measured me as well, but I did not snag those.  I would obsess too much about it.  I am not sure when they remeasure and weigh again, but thankfully it is not everyday.  I hope that it waits a good month or so.

Till tomorrow, this is the sassy kitteh signing off.  This weekend I will write about my Empire Avenue addiction.  Stay tuned for that because it is rather interesting and an awesome learning experience.

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April 5, 2011 at 5:17 pm

The First Day ~ Week One

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Sunday, April 3, 2011, was the start of the new week.  Because of my stubbornness, I refuse to just say I can’t do it and give up.  I might feel frustrated and wonder what the issue is, but I will keep trying.

I made my teen run/walk with me in the morning before church.  It did make us a little late for church, but honestly, I have to stop with the excuse that I do not have time in taking care of myself.  It makes me feel selfish, even just writing that sentence.  I can’t state that I don’t care, but I am going to painfully get out of my way.

Being late irks me, so I know eventually, I will figure out that getting up just a little bit earlier or setting things out or moving faster or the combination of all will be engaged.  There will, however, be time to exercise this body of mine before it is at a point that it can not be done.  Shudders.

I drank half of  the water I should have, but more then I normally would.  A simple solution is to leave the Sprite alone and order water instead when out with the family.  Der!!!  LOL!  Still, I have found that water is easier for me to drink in small 4 ounce glasses or large 20 ounce bottles.  What the deal is with the extremes I will never know.  Just the way I am wired I guess.  At home its the smaller glasses and it seems that it encourages me to drink more water.  By time I have finished the glass, I am looking for more because that last sip did not quench the thirst.  I naturally go up for a refill.    So its 16 of them little buggers that have to be downed.  I will get there!  Let’s celebrate that I started and did drink some. 😀

The plant was obtained last week and I have brought home an indoor greenhouse to protect my soon to be baby plants from the cats that believe those are nummies for them.  O.o  I am late, but I am going to get started with my vegetables, get them started and when I am ready to deal with the garden, they should be just about ready to meet it.  LOL!  For the month of April at least, there will be plenty of plants hanging about and hopefully well protected from those danger cats.

I neglected to do the breathing.  Actually I forgot all about it.  I was suppose to breathe!!!  Opps!

I did not drink any of the tea.  Its still sitting on the counter waiting.  :/

It is a try and I would say a good attempt.  Not perfect, but then again, I have never executed anything perfectly.  I have just managed to give people the impression that I have.  LOL!

I will be back later on…I want to introduce everyone to this new social site/media related game that I have been playing and am honestly extremely excited about because of a few things it has taught me.  That is right – taught me!  Til then…..


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April 4, 2011 at 5:12 pm

EPIC FAIL ~ Detox & Other Bits

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I left with me working on week one – Detox.  That was an epic fail on my part.  I avoided the water after the third day, did not walk and pretty much did not follow through on anything.  I did get a great plant out of the deal!  LOL!

This past week was month end/year end at work.  I was still doing the get caught up jiggle.  School is over the hump and we are closing in on finalizing the semester.  The last exams before the final exams are sprinkled through out the next two weeks.

The family has chaos reigning in it with a teen that can’t be inspired when things get difficult and a pre teen that has no motivation to do anything other then watch television.

I also still have things to take care of, like paying bills, finishing the taxes and working in the house.

I think all of them combined sometimes has this affect on me that just pushes me to do a weird self punishment thing.  Doing good things for me seemingly is not warranted, if I can’t have everything else in my life at optimum.   I am not sure if that is a remnant from my father’s high pressure method of expectations or just me or both.

My dad was very charismatic and well loved by many people.  His word was golden to them and they presumed all he said was true and accurate.  At home, it was a different story.  Life was not exactly what people looking in from the outside thought it was.  Achievement was a requirement for me.  It was also my rebellion.  I learned successfully how to underachieve while meeting that base line set for me.

I think, I am tired of that base line.  I always feel as if I am on the cusp of something fabulous and great.  There is a discovery at the other side of that cusp, that has incredible things within it.  I just have to get there.  But the other side is always outside of my reach.

I wonder what will happen if I stop chasing that other side and just start living.  Not that I am not living now, but meaning, trusting in God that He will take care of me.  I have not achieved anything spectacular that my dad would take amazing pride in.  I have had lots of experiences.  I was a soldier in the US Army, a model once upon a time, a stripper in night clubs, a bookkeeper, a secretary, a store manager and a business owner.  Experience is something I can claim.  Actual achievements in anything, not so much.

So what is it that causes people like myself with potential to choose not to utilize it or to just skate by simply because they can?  How is this changed?  What makes the motivation and keep it lasting?  Where does commitment come into play here and how does ones loyalties affect it?

I am seeking these answers.

In the meantime, we are going to redo the failed week 1 and attempt to make it a reasonable success.  Why, because I am stubborn that way!  And it an attempt to get me to exercise I have signed myself up at Curves around the corner from me.  It is not the place I would pick to go to, but it is what we have around here, it is nearby and it most importantly has people there that will push me to do what I have to do for me.

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April 2, 2011 at 10:34 am

Week 1, Detoxify Your Body

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From the book Secrets of Longevity – Dr. Mao’s 8 Week Program by Dr. Mao Shing Ni.

Are you ready?  I have a feeling this will take a wee bit longer for me, but we will give it the “good old college try”.    The purpose of this week is to give the body a jump start to healthy living by cleansing it from toxins.  This is not a foreign principle to me.  Many of the self help books I have read use this as a starting strategy.

This chapter starts with a Toxicity Health Assessment.  I scored a 9.  6 to 10 is listed as being a moderate.  It actually tells you if you have greater then 10 to go see a doctor.  O.o  Well – eeekkks!

There is a page to ready of things we need to be aware of before we start our detoxification process.  Basically I just read much of what I do slows down the my body’s ability to function properly.  It’s like a checklist – caffeine, stress, too little exercise, sugar and processed foods.  I do not get into processed foods much, so yay – only four things on the list to contend with. O.o

The book also makes a point of emphasizing that we really need to remove environmental toxins.  These toxins get stored in our kidneys, fat cells, live, lungs, intestines, blood and skin.  Shudders!

We are introduced to five new habits for this week:

  • Drink water.  It flushes toxins.  The book recommends avoiding tap water without a filtration system that uses activated charcoal and tells us not to store water in plastic containers because phthalates can leak into the water.  Now I have a new word to look up! O.o
  • Drink herbal tea.  It recommends ginger, dandelion, chrysanthemum flower, milk thistle, hawthorn berry and turmeric.  Nope – I do not have not one of these in my cabinet!
  • Grow Fresh Air Indoors.  O.o Guess how!!!  You got it – with plants.  Well the animals in the home will love that idea.  The book recommends indoor palms, English Ivy, ficuses, peace lilies and chrysanthemums.  I know we can’t have the lilies because they are poison to kitties.  I will have to research the others and see what we can drum up here.
  • A Daily Walk.  The goal is to work up to 30 minutes per day, but to start small.  Walking helps circulation.  Circulation means blood flowing and the lymphatic system gets to take a bath and get flushed out.
  • Breathe.  Funny –  this is actually a personal joke between my friends and I during high stress moments.  In this case, I just learned it is actually good to do.  We need to practice slow, rhythmic and deep breathing every day.

This was another preliminary day.  Tomorrow will actually be Day 1.  Each day we need to incorporate the above habits into our life.  8 glasses of water, 2 cups of tea, a 20 minute walk, 10 count deep breathing and find one plant for the week.

Each day the book outlines a checklist with tidbits of information and just one or two questions.  I like how it places the focus on the habits, doesn’t overload me with too much information and gets me started pretty quickly.  Some books require you read half of them before you start anything.

I am off to place these items on my calendar and pretend I am the queen of organization over here.  Til tomorrow!


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March 24, 2011 at 8:16 pm

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