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Flubbed Day

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Today started – well, late.  LOL!

My alarm clock went off this morning, about an hour earlier then I normally get up.  Do you know, I actually turned that thing off and went back to sleep!?!  O.O

I normally do not use an alarm clock.  Risky, I know, however, I just get up at the same time every day.  I do not know if that is from my army days or what the story is.  This presents a problem when one wants to change the time they normally get up.

I had plans.  I wanted to take a bit of a walk before work.  As it stood today, my teen decided to wake up late and miss the school bus as well. I had to drive her to school, which took away my normal get ready for work routine.  Let’s just say I looked a disaster.

So, tonight I snuck the walk in.  I won’t be able to do that when school starts in a couple of weeks.  I will be running from work to school in a mad dash.  It has to be in the morning.  Nevertheless, I was not all “fail”.  I still managed to get that walk in the schedule.

Drinking water was difficult.  Someone brought me a Sprite.  Derr!  And of course I took it!  I nurse drinks like that, so my fluid intake was nil.  Maybe a water bottle that I can take with me as I drive to work would help.  Or slugging a glass of water down before I leave the house!?

Tomorrow is another try.  I know I will be more successful.

For now I am going to sit here and watch my teen organize herself as she looks for the assignment she was suppose to turn in today, but some how forgot about it because the winter vacation was too distracting.  O.o  We have had the talk.  She owns a planner, but chose not to utilize it.  Ah, the pain of disorganization that I know so well has reared its head in another generation.  The panic, the fear, the flippy upside down tummy.  I know it all too well.  The best is the wonder – what was that assignment really?  I think it was this, but it could have been…….

Lesson observed.  Not to do in college class.  Got it.  And she thinks I just teach her.  LOL!  (Mommy evil smirks).


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January 4, 2011 at 12:52 am

Happy New Year ~ O.o

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I had high hopes and plans for how I wanted to ring in the new year, but as always, my little family has other ideas for me.  I think my body just slumped a bit because its having a temper tantrum.  It has discovered it can not blink its eyes and magically everything that needs to get done is done.  LOL!

Any way, I decided to start this blog for my real life side to keep me from placing real life into my virtual side.  I have a blog for my virtual character and do have a tendency to rant unexpectedly about my real life there.  So my goal is to separate the two worlds a bit with this blog.

That being said, I need incentive to actually blog when I do not have something to rant about, so I am going to join the Post A Week challenge issued by wordpress.  This should give me a boost and a bit of encouragement.  We will see.

Now for the famous new year goals…..

1.  Keep the virtual and real lives a bit more separated when it comes to blogging.

2.  Blog once a week.

3.  Exercise once a day.

4.  Drink enough water.

5.  Get out from under the medical bill debt from the elbow I broke last year and had surgery on.

6.  Pass all my classes in school with nothing less then a B.

7.  Get myself organized and together at work to handle a larger work flow.

And there we have it….see you next week if not sooner.  :p

Written by neomav

January 2, 2011 at 4:23 pm

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