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Sometimes It Is Necessary

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Sometimes it just is necessary.  It just is!

I wake up and realize that I need to make some significant changes in my life.  Actually, it was not all of a sudden.  It has been something I have been mulling over for months now.  It is not that I am dissatisfied.  I have an extremely full life.  I love to stay busy, but sometimes I think that is a problem for me.

Don’t get me wrong.  Busy is good.  However, the question is – busy with what?  Where is my focus and what am I doing?  Life seems all broken and distracted.  Quite a few of the things I really enjoy typically are – well – meh.  I still like them, but they are not quite as enjoyable.

This isn’t about being depressed.  No, that is so not my issue!  This is about being disorganized.  I am not talking about engaging in a social media experts win win scheduling program.   It isn’t about finding the next mega guru on organizing either.  Simply it is that I haven’t been applying the principles that I know work.

In a sense, I have not been myself lately and enough is enough!  I am drawing the line in the sand today and we are going back to the basics.  Sometimes it is necessary to revisit the basics and bring everything back in line with simplicity.  Do what you know needs to be done and let the distractions fade.

Welcome to the start of the power week or month…whatever it turns out to be.  And how lucky for you!  You get to come on this lovely adventure with me! 😀  Yes, it is part of my evil plan.  Mwha hahaha!  You will like it.  I promise!


Written by neomav

August 22, 2011 at 6:42 am

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