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Sitting In Wait

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The hurricane of the season is traveling its way up the coast line towards us.  Right now it is close to the country’s capital.  I can’t help but wonder with an earthquake followed by this hurricane.  My instincts tell me they are related, but I have no scientific proof.  It is something that I will have to look up and research.

The news is covering this storm pretty much around the clock with a few carefully selected commercials in the midst.  Funny, someone somewhere had chosen to take advantage of the fact there was a hurricane and ensure that they advertised with what is deemed as appropriate messages.

I listen to the news telling everyone to stay connected.  We can reach them online if the power is out.  O.o Really?  Who told them to say that?  Most consumers are reliant on the power in order to access online.  That is a small issue.  Infrastructure is likely to be damaged.  I think the only access would be the spotty phone reception that may still be in place.

At any rate, I need to sleep.  I am working on about four hours sleep after the run to Boston yesterday.  Everyone here is tucked in bed and snoozing.  My mom wants me to get some sleep.  However, I just have the drowsy need to guard feeling.  Its something that was established when I was in the military, I guess.  We have done pretty much all we can do…well mostly.

It will be interesting what tomorrow morning will bring.  We should be seeing the height of the storm between 2 and 4 in the afternoon.  The effects as far as rain is concerned is already here and dropping to the ground.  I just pray that we experience no damages, that God places us in a special bubble where the storm passses over us.

I will write more later as the adventure passes on, bringing whatever it is that comes.  Having a bad storm instead of a hurricane would be great news to me.  Be safe everyone.  We will get back to goal setting again after this.


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August 27, 2011 at 9:32 pm

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