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Step 1: The Calendar ~ Part A: Goals

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So here we are working on today’s task of establishing Goals.  For many this may seem like a daunting task.  It can be difficult at times.  Here are the guidelines I typically follow when establishing goals for myself.  (Warning, I sometimes am guilty of not following these guidelines).

  • Picture where I will be in one year, five years and ten years.  Don’t be afraid to dream big and don’t be afraid to have different ambitions then what you previously listed.  Time changes things.  Time changes us.
  • Compare the one, five and ten year views and determine if they are steps towards a common goal or if they are unrelated.  They are usually related, but I have experienced times when they are not.  There are no right or wrong answers here.
  • Take a moment and pray.  Allow yourself to be inspired by reading scripture, singing praise or worship songs or simply from prayer itself.  Do not be afraid to ask for what you desire or for a confirmation of the views you pictured.
  • For each of the viewpoints, list out all of the steps that you know you will need to take in order to see that viewpoint manifest.  If you do not know, mark it as needs research.  You will find that you will know some of the steps, but may need to research other steps.  Each viewpoint can have a combination of these or be all one or the other.
  • List the items around you that you need to deal with, but never have the time.  Things like replace the carpet, organize all of my books or redecorate a specific room would apply here.  These are just ideas.  They can really be just about anything.  Sometimes its teach a child a specific concept or for you to learn a specific skill.
  • Now the work begins:  Take three of the “Need to deal with” items and write out any steps they may have just like we did for the viewpoints.  Things to ask are:  a) Do any of the steps have a cost associated with them and if so what is a rough estimate?  b) Do you need to save the money to do it or do you have the money available?  c) What tools, supplies or other items are required and do you have any of them?  d) Is there a best time to do this item?  For instance, sealing a driveway can not be done effectively in the middle of the winter.  e) When are you willing to commit to completing each of the steps.  f) Do any steps interfere with another item or do they overlap with another item?  A good example here might be replacing the flooring in the bathroom and replacing the sink and toilet.  The flooring would best be done when you have the toilet and sink removed.  There is an overlap here that can save you time and money.
  • Finally, on a new sheet of paper, write down only three tasks from the previous list and place an accomplish by date.  Be reasonable.  Do not expect everything to be done in a month.  It is okay if it takes a year.  What is important are the small everyday steps.  Sometimes the small step is the $10 put into a savings account to save to accomplish the final item.  Add in two of the steps from the viewpoint listing you created.  Yes, only two.  Set a time frame near each of those.
  • Viola! You have a working Goal Sheet that specifically details out five tasks you plan to get done by a specific date.  Double check the dates and make sure they are realistic.

You might presume you are done, but sorry!!!!  Take out that calendar.  Write micro tasks on the calendar and schedule in those goals.  Everyday is an opportunity to work toward the accomplishment of something.  Do one small thing a day.  Forget trying to overwhelm yourself and forget having a contest with the world.  This is not about the world.  This is about your adventures while you are in the world and how your actions or in-actions impact everyday.

Now I am off to do just that and I will update the Goals listed on this blog, which I will periodically update.  Feel free to twitter me or write me about what you have planned.  I would love to hear.  And yes, you can hold me accountable to what I have written.  I need that and would love that support as well.  😀

Until next time….


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August 23, 2011 at 5:48 pm

Back To The Basics ~ Step 1: The Calendar

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Every time I stray from using the calendar, I begin to fall backwards, redeveloping the bad habits that I had spent considerable time trying to get away from.  I find that being someone that is incredibly busy, the calendar is a way to keep myself accountable to a large variety of things.  Me on my own, truly is like a seed blowing in the wind.  No telling where I will turn up.

The calendar is more than a listing of tentative or required dates and times of planned events.  I block off my time for specific activities that may seem mundane to most people.  However, if I do not, those things simply do get ignored.  I am lost without the calendar.  It is like navigating the sea in darkness with no sign, no star and no land sightings.  Almost impossible.  You will get somewhere, but the chances are that it will be some place that you really did not want to visit.

At any rate, my last post I had stated that I am getting back to the basics.  I have felt a little out of it and strongly lacking my normal sense of focus.  There are many changes to be done and rather then make a long listing of them, overwhelming myself and engaging my perfectionist tendencies – its a small bite at a time.  The best place to start is establishing a good foundation or redirecting the driver (if you are a mobile run around type).

I use my calendar to assist me in keeping my foundation healthy, strong and well maintained.  It tells me what direction to drive in, how fast to go, when and where.  My mind is then free to mull over things that can have a greater impact on life then worrying about forgetting something or beating myself up because I did forget something.

Many of you are aware that I revisit my goals about four times a year.  Honestly, I have not done that very much this year and its August.  We are long overdue.  Goals are important, as the projects and tasks that I establish on my calendar are typically based out of these.  Each day is an opportunity to work toward those goals.   Chipping at them a little at a time makes a huge difference and allows many things to get done.  I know it is not as fast as just diving in and it does make me a bit slower than many people that I know.  Yet, I still manage to experience large pay offs.  The Dean’s List in school doesn’t happen on accident, you know.  😀

I will also be gathering together a listing of all living expenses, bills and financial items.  All bills get listed on the calendar about 10 days prior to their due date for payment.  While at this, I will create a draft of the family budget for further work as the year goes on.  Budgeting is not a once a year item either.  It usually follows the same time line as the goals.  Goals do have a major impact on the budget.

Next will be an update of the family house rules.  We are still operating in a elementary/middle school mix.  We need to be functioning in a high school/middle school mix.  This will create adjustments for the girls and a bit of growing pains that will need to be managed.  They will be utilizing their calendars as a result.

Out of the house rules will come the set of chores for each room in the house and all of the outside areas that need to be maintained.  This will become a teachable moment as well.  The girls have no clue all of what is required in owning a home, maintaining a household and being responsible for a family.  Kat is starting her second year of high school.  That means time is growing short and she has so much to learn in the next three years before she starts to spring out into the world on her own.  Boo is just starting seventh grade.  She has a bit more time to get these lessons under her belt.  It is time that Kat moves onto a newer set of chores that can equip her to be able to live on her own responsibly.  Its time for Boo to step up and become a very active participant in the household.

School is about to start for all three of us.  In fact, it begins on Monday.  I will need to add all the scheduled school closing dates to my calendar, as well as any events that we already know about.  Kat’s cross country schedule needs to be merged into mine and the family calendar (which I need to pick up).  Boo will probably have some additions this year as well.  She plays the flute in band and also does the chorus in school.  She was considering adding another activity to her schedule.  Mom also has quite a bit scheduled for the fall.  That needs to be incorporated as well.  We also have to chase down my sister and grab her schedule too.

At least it is good timing to get things in order.  These items will be done this week.  Check back for updates, as I am sure I will write as I struggle, frustrate myself and finish each task.

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