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Goals ~ 2011 New Year Resolutions

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Now for the famous new year goals…..

1.  Keep the virtual and real lives a bit more separated when it comes to blogging. Think we actually accomplished this one.  YAY!

2.  Blog once a week. [Still working on it.]

I need to work on consistency.  I did not blog once a week, but I did blog more often than in any previous year.  Good news.  This moves over to the 2012 goal list.

3.  Exercise once a day.

Moving over to the 2012 list, but modified to allow for a one day rest during the week.

4.  Drink enough water.

Totally failed on this one.  Have to do better.

5.  Get out from under the medical bill debt from the elbow I broke last year and had surgery on.

I just have remnants left.  😀  Nice!

6.  Pass all my classes in school with nothing less then a B.

Totally did…no B’s!  A’s galore!

7.  Get myself organized and together at work to handle a larger work flow.

LOL!  Definitely still working on this.

8.  Learn how to build functioning solar panels.

Still want to do this and will have to move it to next year.

9. 8 Week to Longevity Goal – My energy level will increase as my nutrition improves and my body experiences movement three times a week with no less then six hours of sleep each evening.

O.o Well – I should do it, but……  Let’s just start with what we have above it.

~ Updated December 28, 2011


Written by neomav

January 2, 2011 at 3:46 pm

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