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And So It Starts

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The first morning of the new year has rolled in, expected and ready to provide adventures. Today is a new day, just like everyday we wake up to see, but today is one of 12 firsts during the year and it’s the first of the firsts.

All over people are holding a bit of inspiration to make changes to a something or a series of somethings in their lives. They will start with all the determination and motivation they can muster. Within a month, they fall back to their old patterns, simply because they fully believe they can make these changes on their own power. While it is true that you are not going to change unless you are ready, it is also true that you are not going to do it alone. See something substantial in your life has to change. There has to be a reason that means more to you than you do that drives you. For some it is the fear of death. For others the fear of God. Still there are even some that respond to the unexplainable compassion they find within someone that gives them the last opportunity when everyone else has long given up. Or it may be as simple as another person giving one permission to choose to be different. That may sound silly, but in some cases it is the hold up.

I am not an expert at anything really. Maybe an expert at making poor choices and learning to live with and do something with them. It has been a hard and difficult life. My adult life is thousands times better than those years of my teens. While I appreciate the people in my life from my past sometimes it can be a struggle, because they are reminders of those things that happened that we’re not right. The silent abuse that my sister and I were enduring at my fathers hand constantly pops into those memories. Yet it is a few of my friends from that time period that have kept me accountable to the goals that I have set for myself. They believe that I can do what my heart desires.

This past year has brought me in touch with a decent size group of friends from my childhood that are cheering me on with my education. They do not care what the obstacles are in front of me, the demons I contend with as I walk the journey or how impossible it seems to be. They simply believe that I can achieve.

My church family will pray for me, that if it’s God’s will, then those doors are open and I will accomplish the task at hand. They do not worry about my personal abilities. In fact, they do not care if I can or can not. They know that if God desires it and I am willing, it will be so. No science degree needed.

Thus I am reminded as we start the first day of this new year, that on my own, alone, I can accomplish very little. Each person praying and each person believing is walking with me. Every friend that tells me to get back to studying, that gives me something to push for and that has given me permission is holding my hand. God is holding all of our hands together.

I can not say where everything will end up or what the outcome will be. I know the journey itself is as much importance as the end of the journey. All this to simply say, realize today that you are not going to do it alone. Your motivation has to be bigger than yourself and more important than you. Even simple changes have large effects at their end. A one degree change may not seem like much at the beginning, but keep walking down the road and you soon find yourself miles away from where you were, not even on the same road you used to walk.

Different roads have different rules. The old you no longer applies, the old thinking has to fade away, otherwise you stop walking and end up running back to where you started from. Those around you help to keep you focused, help to keep you on the right path and constantly uplifted. Even if you seemingly stand alone each day, anything with God’s hand in it guarantees you that you are not alone. Regardless if there is a person placed there or God alone, you are not doing it by yourself, on your own strength or determination.

And so it starts, the new day. The light has draped the lands, exposing a new Sunday. How appropriate that it is the start of a new week, the start of a new year and a new month all in one. I hope this year is the year of accomplishments, that the impossible becomes possible and everyone is filled with awe and excitement each step of the way. I look forward to the day. Off I go to take a shower, wake the girls and get ready for the first church day of the year. There are treasures waiting for me today and I intend to collect them all. I am going to be greedy and will take every blessing that God allows me to have and to take those that were given to my family long ago. No stone will be left untouched. I am greedy for those treasure for they hold what I need most to walk the journey, accomplish the things required and desired. Today is an awesome adventure and I am blessed that my family and friend are with me. Let’s do it!


Day 7 ~ Revitalizing

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I woke up late today. Not one pain or soreness sitting in body. The only plaque is the blister that has attached itself to the back of my heal. I need to get a different pair of walking or running shoes that have a lower back to them. Each day that blister turns into a blood fest, although each time its a little less blood. We will see! Reminds me of track and my army time with running. You just have to work through it.

Today the girls walked with me and the puppy (okay she isn’t really a puppy, but she is to me). Kat decided that she did not want to run and will do that later. Now I have to decide if I want to be the evil Momma or the nice Momma. Choices, Choices!!

Today’s playlist:

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November 26, 2011 at 10:52 am

Day 6 ~ Oppsas

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I didn’t do any power walks or any physical activity. Booo to me! I did go to work and get a bit of holiday shopping done. I am just posting this so that we have a record of my #fail. LOL!

I have to say that I was pretty bummed at myself. I tried to justify it in my mind, however, it does not really work. The good news is that it is motivation to do better and to stick to the plan. I really want those epic brain benefits! ūüėÄ

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November 26, 2011 at 10:45 am

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Day 5 ~ Chillie de Miester

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It is very chilly outside. The frost is out on the ground, covering the cars and dancing on some of the house windows in the neighborhood. I dare say that it is almost as cold as it was last night. My hands feel the sting, my cheeks are rosy and my face is giving me the tingly.

However, I am not sore. I started the walk and I could certainly feel it. That first fifteen seconds my legs scream out “Noooooo! Not again!” But I continue on. I push through it and tune into the music or watch my Pom as she prance walks. Her tail is happily raised as she dance walks by my side.

I am starting to feel better. There is more energy to last me through the day. When I am tired, I am tired. I can’t fake another half hour out of me like I could before. I also have started having this huge appetite. It has been a while since I felt hunger like that. When I want to eat, I want to eat!! No pretending it away.

This mornings workout play list:

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November 24, 2011 at 7:19 am

Day 4 ~ Powa Walk

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Here we are on day four!  Yes!  I did something besides go to work or school for four days in a row.  That has to be a record.  I just has to!!!

I took a jump on the scale…out of curiosity. ¬†When I started the power walks I weighed in at 145 pounds with a little points extra. ¬†Today it is at 143. ¬†Not a lot of weight, but honestly, I was not expecting anything at all. ¬†Interesting and encouraging!!!

Tonight’s power walk was very cold!! However, we endured with the following play list:


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November 23, 2011 at 10:32 pm

Day 3 ~ Get Up & Move It Move It

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I went to bed early last night. Let’s rephrase that! Early for me. It was about 10:30 pm. My school schedule has me up until about midnight on average. The thing is, I was tired. I was nodding off in front of the laptop trying to read and my body was winning that battle. I called it quits and went to bed.

This morning, I did not want to get up. Yesterday my hips and the sides of my legs were sore. Today it is still sore, but now I feel it in my shins and calves. (No, its not shin splints). I managed to get myself going, dressed and grabbed my puppy for a round of power walking. This time we added the loops of two side streets that just circle around like overgrown driveways.

The workout playlist for today is:

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November 22, 2011 at 8:12 am

Day 2 – Get Up & Move

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This morning it took me a little bit to want to get up and move.  The last teen out the door, I whipped on my work out clothing, grabbed my Pomeranian and off we went to the morning walk.  My body is stiff along the hips and the side of my legs.  Power walking really can be exhausting.  It is not your leisurely everyday walk outside.

This mornings workout music:


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November 21, 2011 at 8:12 am

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